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Honeywell Bendix/King ART-2000


Популярные модели

KANNAD Kannad 406 ATP
Honeywell Bendix/King MARK VIII
Honeywell Bendix/King ANT-67A
Honeywell Bendix/King KN-63
Honeywell Bendix/King CAS67A
Air Precision ELT-96/97
ACR Electronics AeroFix 406
Honeywell Bendix/King DA-1203A
Thuraya Hughes 7100
Honeywell Bendix/King Primus-400

Наши проекты

Эксплуатация, продажа и аренда воздушных судов. Самолеты Ан-24, Ан-26, Ан-26Б-100. Приобретение и продажа запасных частей к самолетом Российского производства.

Поставка Аварийных Спасательных Средств.
Спасательные жилеты, Спасательные плоты, Аварийные радиостанции, Аварийные Радиомаяки.

ТРАСТ АэроСуперМаркет - электронная доска бесплатных объявлений авиационной тематики, место, где каждый желающий может вывесить свое объявление, а все посетители этой доски - прочитать его.


Головной Офис
Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
Международный Аэропорт Шарджа
тел.: +971 6 5570710
факс: +971 6 5570495
По вопросам продаж:

, Лима
тел/факс: 00511-5618847
тел.: 00511-98828210

, Богота
тел.: +57 1 415-8215
       +57 1 413-3951

, Каракас
тел.: + 58 414 9994240

, Амман
тел.: +962 79 9413334

Республика Конго
, Браззавиль
тел/факс: +242 5339575

Джибути, Джибути

тел.: +971 5 03002094

, Ростов-на-Дону
тел.:+7 918 5002499

, Харьков
тел.: + 38 067 5461919
       + 38 050 6184294

, Киев
тел.: + 38 067 2090923



, Бишкек




тел.: +239 241450
факс: +239 225218


AVIA-BOARD.COM - Авиация-онлайн. Авиарынок. Доска авиаобъявлений.

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GPS-155XL System

IFR GPS System

IFR GPS System

Производитель: Garmin

This unit is IFR approach certified under TSO C129a A1 and offers a very high definition moving map. This development marries two of GARMIN\'s product development strengths: crisp, high-detail moving map technology and GARMIN\'s legacy of proven, approach-certified IFR GPS receivers. The moving map on the GPS 155XL TSO is exceptionally sharp. The DSTN (double super twist nematic) LCD is the familiar yellow-on-black display that found success in the VFR-only GPS 150XL and GNC 250XL. Individual pixels in these displays are transparent to the viewer, and SUAs actually appear as curved rings and alphanumeric characters are easily distinguishable. The high-resolution display is readable from every angle in all lighting conditions. A photocell in the display automatically controls the intensity of the backlight and will reverse the display from black-on-yellow to yellow-on- black for maximum contrast in daylight or nighttime viewing. Users may also choose to make these adjustments manually according to their individual preferences.


  • IFR GPS Certified for en route and approach with moving map
  • Jeppesen database includes airports, VOR\'s, NDB\'s, intersections, Comm frequencies, runways, FSS/ARTCC, MSA, SUA, approaches, and SIDs/Stars
  • Three line vacuum-florescent dot matrix display
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Interfaces with most flight control, EFIS, HSI and othe cockpit systems
  • 12 parallel channel GPS receiver
  • Americas, International, and Worldwide database coverage available
  • 1000 user defined waypoints
  • 20 reversible routes of up to 31 waypoints each
  • Stoarge for 40 character comments on up to 250 waypoints
  • 9 user checklists of up to 30 items each
  • 9 schedules user messages


  • Emergency Search: 9 nearest airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, or user waypoints; 2 nearest FSS with frequncies; 2 nearest ARTCC frequencies
  • Receiver: PhaseTrac 12 tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute amd update position
  • Update Rate: 1/second, continuous
  • Interfaces: ARINC 429, RS232, plotting (NMEA 0183 v2.0), Aviation, PC interface, altitude serializer, altitude encoder, fuel sensor, fuel/air data computer
  • Size: 6.25 x 2 x 5.8 inches
  • Certification: TSO C129a Class A1 (en route, terminal and approach)
  • Power Backup: Optional battery pack automatically powers unit in case of electric power failure
  • Planning Features: True airspeed, density altitude, winds aloft, RAIM availability, Sunrise/Sunset calculations, and trip, fuel and VNAV planning
  • Power Source: 10-33 VDC, optional rechargeable battery, 115-230 VAC with optional AC adpater for GPS simulator operation
  • Alarms: Arrival, Proximity, Timers, SUAs less than 10 min, 2NM and inside SUA
  • Acquisition Time: 15 seconds (warm), 45 seconds (cold)
  • Accuracy: 15 meters (position)
  • Map Datums: 124 predefined, 1 user defined
  • Weight: 27 ounces
  • Display: 80 x 240 double super twist nematic with six times the contract of typical DSTN displays. Automatic contrast adjustment with reverse video display mode for exceptional readability in direct sunlight or at night
  • Navigation Features: Search and rescue operation (ladder search), course selection capability via mechanical and EFIS, HSI, Closest point of appraoch, approach navigation using published approach procedures stored on data crda, terminal naviagtion using SID/STAR from data card
  • Dynamics: Velocity 999 knots, Acceleration 6G
  • Data Storage: Internal battery retains stored data up to 5 years


Чертежный номерОписание
010-00159-00 IFR GPS with moving map. Available with Americas datacard or Atlantic Intl datacard or Pacific Intl datacard.

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