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Honeywell Bendix/King MARK VI

The MK-VI version of Honeywell's EGPWS has been optimized for regional aircraft and provides protection against controlled flight into terrain (CFIT). CFIT warnings include excessive rate of descent, terrain closure rate, excessive altitude loss after takeoff or missed approach procedure, insufficie...

Most Popular Models

KANNAD Kannad 406 ATP
ACR Electronics AeroFix 406
Air Precision ELT-96/97
Honeywell Bendix/King RESCU 406 S
Techtest ELT 503 Series
KANNAD Kannad 406 AP
Artex ELT 110-4
KANNAD Kannad 406 AF
KANNAD Kannad 406 AF-H

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ACMI leasing and chartering.
Aircraft types: An-24, An-26, An-26B-100, An-12, Il-76, B-727, B-737.
Aircraft and Helicopter Spare Parts, tires and lubricants for following A/C types: An-24, An-26, An-26B-100, An-12, Il-76, MI-8, MI-8MTV

Supplies of Aviation Survival Equipment.
Life Vests, Life Rafts, ELTs, EPIRBs.


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Avionics Catalog: ELT

ACR ElectronicsELTATechtest
Air PrecisionHoneywell Bendix/King

ACK : Accessories
E0105Remote ELT Switch
E0109Portable Telescopic ELT Antenna

ACK : Transmitters
E01Small and lightweight ELT uses standard Duracell batteries.

ACR Electronics : Transmitters
AeroFix 406406 MHz Personal ELT

Air Precision : Transmitters
ELT-96/97Three-frequency 121.5 / 243 / 406MHz Automatic Fixed (AF) & Automatic Portable (AP) Emergency Locator Transmitter

Ameri-King : Transmitters
AK-450ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
AK-450-1ELT for helicopters with multi axes (6 axes) acceleration switches for helicopters

Artex : Accessories
00-02-002Replacement Portable Antenna (whip type for Sharc)
00-04-006aLeigh Sharc 7/Leigh Cessna/Deft1 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (6-cell)
00-10-009Narco ELT-10 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (9-cell)
00-30-006Pointer Series 3000/4000/C4000a 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (6-cell)
00-60-13Alkaline Battery Pack for CIR-10 and CIR-11
00-60-62Dorne & Margolin series 5.0/6.0/8.0 24 month alkaline replacement battery pack.
00-6013-13Communication Components CIR-10/CIR-11 and Edo-Aire 551 24 month alkaline replacement battery pack.
110-201Flexible antenna for ELT-200 (121.5 & 243.0 MHz). Good for composite or fabric aircraft only.
110-317Replacement Wire Whip Antenna (50 ohm)
110-318Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm) 350 knots.
110-318-01Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm) 350 knots. For ELS 10 and ELS 10HM
110-318-02Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm) for 110-6 & 100HM.
110-319Portable Antenna (121.5/243 MHz BNC Connector)
110-320Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz & 406-025 MHz) 350 knots. For G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM
110-324Wire Whip Antenna (121.5/243 MHz).
110-324-01Wire Whip Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm with inductor). For ELS 10 & ELS 10 HM.
110-324-02Wire Whip Antenna (121.5/243 MHz).
110-329Wire Whip Antenna (406.025 MHz Onlt) for ELT G406-2
110-333High Speed Blade Antenna (121.5/243 & 406-025MHz).Mach 1.0.
110-337High Speed Blade Antenna (121.5/243 & 406-025MHz).Mach 1.0. For G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM.
110-338Rod Antenna - Single Input (121.5/243.0/406.025 MHz)
110-340High Speed Blade Antenna - Single Input (121.5/243.0/406.025 MHz)
130-4004Buzzer for G406-1/2 & C406-1HM.
345-6196Remote switch kit for ELT110-4.
345-6196-02Remote switch kit for ELT110-6 and ELT100 HM
345-6196-04Remote switch kit for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM.
452-0114Alkaline Battery Pack for ELS-10 (24 month)
452-0130Alkaline Battery Pack for ELT110-4 (24 month)
452-0130-02Alkaline Battery Pack for ELT110-6 and 100 HM (24 month)
452-0131Lithium Battery Pack for G406-1/G406-2 (5 Year)
452-0133Lithium Battery Pack for C406-1HM (5 year)
452-0222Lithium Battery Pack for G406-4 (5 year)
452-0224Mounting Frame Top for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4
452-0227Mounting Frame Base for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4
452-0228Mounting Frame Cap Assy. for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4
452-3052Mounting Frame Top for C406-1HM
452-3063Alkaline Battery Pack for ELT 200 (24 month)
452-3065Lithium Battery Pack for ELT 200HM (48 month)
452-5050Mounting Frame Base (ELT110-4 and 110-6 and 100HM).
452-5051Mounting Frame Cap Assy. (ELT110-4 and 110-6 and 100HM).
452-5052Mounting Frame Cap Assy. for C406-1HM
453-0191Mounting Tray Assy. for ELT200/200HM
453-6500ELT to NAV Interface Main Assembly Only.
455-0200Installation Kit for ELT200/200HM
455-6500ELT to Nav interface
455-7004Installation Kit for ELT110-4/110-6 & 100HM
455-7050Remote Switch and installation kit with mounting bracket assembly. For ELS 10 & ELS 10HM
455-7421Installation Kit for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM
455-9000External antenna kit for Narco ELT-10 (TSO Approved)
455-9002External antenna kit for CIR-10/CIR-11 (TSO Approved)
455-9010-01SARSAT Beacon Test Set
455-9700Commercial/Military Remote Switch Kit (Black)
455-9701Commercial/Military Remote Switch Kit (Grey)
611-6013Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELT 110-4
611-6013-01Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELS 10 & ELS 10 HM
611-6013-02Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELT 110-6 & 100HM
611-6013-04Teflon Coax Cable. BNC/BNC. 6 feet. (121.5/243 MHz)
611-6013-06Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELT 200HM
611-6052Teflon Coax Cable. TNC/TPS. 6 feet. (406 MHz)
BP-1005Larago 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (6-cell)

Artex : Transmitters
B406-4ELT Transmitter
C406-1ELT Transmitter
C406-1HMELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
C406-2ELT Transmitter
C406-2HMELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
C406-NELT Transmitter
C406-N HMELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
ELT 100 HMELT Transmitter
ELT 110-4ELT Transmitter
ELT 110-4 RAELT Transmitter
ELT 110-6ELT Transmitter
ELT 200ELT System
G406-1ELT Transmitter
G406-2ELT Transmitter
G406-4ELT Transmitter
ME406ELT System

ELTA : Accessories
RCPCockpit Remote Control Panel

ELTA : Transmitters
ADT406 AF/APEmergency Locator Transmitter
AO6Portable Emergency Locator Transmitter

Honeywell Bendix/King : Transmitters
RESCU 406 AFELT Transmitter
RESCU 406 SELT Transmitter (Survival)

KANNAD : Transmitters
Kannad 406 AFELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF-HELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
Kannad 406 APELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 ASELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 ATPELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 XSPersonal Locator Beacon
Kannad 406 XS-2Personal Locator Beacon

Narco : Transmitters
ELT-10Emergency Locator Transmitter
ELT-910ELT System

Techtest : Transmitters
ELT 503 SeriesEmergency Locator Transmitter

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