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Handheld GPS w/ Aviation and Land Modes as well as Marine Modes

Handheld GPS w/ Aviation and Land Modes as well as Marine Modes
Garmin GPSMAP 196

The GPSMAP 196 offers unprecendented features and utility in an aviation portable. In addition to the built-in Garmin basemap, the GPSMAP 196 accepts all of our MapSource products, and provides turn-by-turn route guidance for street navigation. The unit can operate in three different modes; Aviation...

Most Popular Models

KANNAD Kannad 406 ATP
ACR Electronics AeroFix 406
Air Precision ELT-96/97
Honeywell Bendix/King RESCU 406 S
Techtest ELT 503 Series
KANNAD Kannad 406 AP
Artex ELT 110-4
KANNAD Kannad 406 AF
KANNAD Kannad 406 AF-H

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ACMI leasing and chartering.
Aircraft types: An-24, An-26, An-26B-100, An-12, Il-76, B-727, B-737.
Aircraft and Helicopter Spare Parts, tires and lubricants for following A/C types: An-24, An-26, An-26B-100, An-12, Il-76, MI-8, MI-8MTV

Supplies of Aviation Survival Equipment.
Life Vests, Life Rafts, ELTs, EPIRBs.


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Avionics Catalog: ELT

ACR ElectronicsELTATechtest
Air PrecisionHoneywell Bendix/King

ACK : Accessories
E0105Remote ELT Switch
E0109Portable Telescopic ELT Antenna

ACK : Transmitters
E01Small and lightweight ELT uses standard Duracell batteries.

ACR Electronics : Transmitters
AeroFix 406406 MHz Personal ELT

Air Precision : Transmitters
ELT-96/97Three-frequency 121.5 / 243 / 406MHz Automatic Fixed (AF) & Automatic Portable (AP) Emergency Locator Transmitter

Ameri-King : Transmitters
AK-450ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
AK-450-1ELT for helicopters with multi axes (6 axes) acceleration switches for helicopters

Artex : Accessories
00-02-002Replacement Portable Antenna (whip type for Sharc)
00-04-006aLeigh Sharc 7/Leigh Cessna/Deft1 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (6-cell)
00-10-009Narco ELT-10 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (9-cell)
00-30-006Pointer Series 3000/4000/C4000a 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (6-cell)
00-60-13Alkaline Battery Pack for CIR-10 and CIR-11
00-60-62Dorne & Margolin series 5.0/6.0/8.0 24 month alkaline replacement battery pack.
00-6013-13Communication Components CIR-10/CIR-11 and Edo-Aire 551 24 month alkaline replacement battery pack.
110-201Flexible antenna for ELT-200 (121.5 & 243.0 MHz). Good for composite or fabric aircraft only.
110-317Replacement Wire Whip Antenna (50 ohm)
110-318Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm) 350 knots.
110-318-01Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm) 350 knots. For ELS 10 and ELS 10HM
110-318-02Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm) for 110-6 & 100HM.
110-319Portable Antenna (121.5/243 MHz BNC Connector)
110-320Rod Antenna (121.5/243 MHz & 406-025 MHz) 350 knots. For G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM
110-324Wire Whip Antenna (121.5/243 MHz).
110-324-01Wire Whip Antenna (121.5/243 MHz 50 ohm with inductor). For ELS 10 & ELS 10 HM.
110-324-02Wire Whip Antenna (121.5/243 MHz).
110-329Wire Whip Antenna (406.025 MHz Onlt) for ELT G406-2
110-333High Speed Blade Antenna (121.5/243 & 406-025MHz).Mach 1.0.
110-337High Speed Blade Antenna (121.5/243 & 406-025MHz).Mach 1.0. For G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM.
110-338Rod Antenna - Single Input (121.5/243.0/406.025 MHz)
110-340High Speed Blade Antenna - Single Input (121.5/243.0/406.025 MHz)
130-4004Buzzer for G406-1/2 & C406-1HM.
345-6196Remote switch kit for ELT110-4.
345-6196-02Remote switch kit for ELT110-6 and ELT100 HM
345-6196-04Remote switch kit for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM.
452-0114Alkaline Battery Pack for ELS-10 (24 month)
452-0130Alkaline Battery Pack for ELT110-4 (24 month)
452-0130-02Alkaline Battery Pack for ELT110-6 and 100 HM (24 month)
452-0131Lithium Battery Pack for G406-1/G406-2 (5 Year)
452-0133Lithium Battery Pack for C406-1HM (5 year)
452-0222Lithium Battery Pack for G406-4 (5 year)
452-0224Mounting Frame Top for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4
452-0227Mounting Frame Base for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4
452-0228Mounting Frame Cap Assy. for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4
452-3052Mounting Frame Top for C406-1HM
452-3063Alkaline Battery Pack for ELT 200 (24 month)
452-3065Lithium Battery Pack for ELT 200HM (48 month)
452-5050Mounting Frame Base (ELT110-4 and 110-6 and 100HM).
452-5051Mounting Frame Cap Assy. (ELT110-4 and 110-6 and 100HM).
452-5052Mounting Frame Cap Assy. for C406-1HM
453-0191Mounting Tray Assy. for ELT200/200HM
453-6500ELT to NAV Interface Main Assembly Only.
455-0200Installation Kit for ELT200/200HM
455-6500ELT to Nav interface
455-7004Installation Kit for ELT110-4/110-6 & 100HM
455-7050Remote Switch and installation kit with mounting bracket assembly. For ELS 10 & ELS 10HM
455-7421Installation Kit for G406-1/G406-2/G406-4/C406-1HM
455-9000External antenna kit for Narco ELT-10 (TSO Approved)
455-9002External antenna kit for CIR-10/CIR-11 (TSO Approved)
455-9010-01SARSAT Beacon Test Set
455-9700Commercial/Military Remote Switch Kit (Black)
455-9701Commercial/Military Remote Switch Kit (Grey)
611-6013Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELT 110-4
611-6013-01Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELS 10 & ELS 10 HM
611-6013-02Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELT 110-6 & 100HM
611-6013-04Teflon Coax Cable. BNC/BNC. 6 feet. (121.5/243 MHz)
611-6013-06Coax Cable. BNC/BNC (121.5/243 MHz) for ELT 200HM
611-6052Teflon Coax Cable. TNC/TPS. 6 feet. (406 MHz)
BP-1005Larago 2 year alkaline replacement battery pack. (6-cell)

Artex : Transmitters
B406-4ELT Transmitter
C406-1ELT Transmitter
C406-1HMELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
C406-2ELT Transmitter
C406-2HMELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
C406-NELT Transmitter
C406-N HMELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
ELT 100 HMELT Transmitter
ELT 110-4ELT Transmitter
ELT 110-4 RAELT Transmitter
ELT 110-6ELT Transmitter
ELT 200ELT System
G406-1ELT Transmitter
G406-2ELT Transmitter
G406-4ELT Transmitter
ME406ELT System

ELTA : Accessories
RCPCockpit Remote Control Panel

ELTA : Transmitters
ADT406 AF/APEmergency Locator Transmitter
AO6Portable Emergency Locator Transmitter

Honeywell Bendix/King : Transmitters
RESCU 406 AFELT Transmitter
RESCU 406 SELT Transmitter (Survival)

KANNAD : Transmitters
Kannad 406 AFELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF-HELT Transmitter (Helicopter)
Kannad 406 APELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 ASELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 ATPELT Transmitter
Kannad 406 XSPersonal Locator Beacon
Kannad 406 XS-2Personal Locator Beacon

Narco : Transmitters
ELT-10Emergency Locator Transmitter
ELT-910ELT System

Techtest : Transmitters
ELT 503 SeriesEmergency Locator Transmitter

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